Proxies, why and what?

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When you have an part or workplane, for example, you can get the coordinates of its points in the coordinate system of that part or workplane. But what about when the part is an occurrence in an assembly. How can you get the coordinates of that part in the assembly? You use proxies. The same goes for other objects, here is an example with workplanes.


In a constraint for example there are two proxies called EntityOne and EntityTwo, which allow you to get to their respective occurrences:





Getting the proxy to the face (or workplane or point...) will allow you to get the occurrence from where the proxy was made (using).


Here is an example where (for example) 4 tubes have been constrained on another tube. When you get the proxies from the constraint (for example the constraint between the third small tube and the large






Here is another example, with workplane proxies inside an assembly:






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