Referenced Document of a View

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When you have a view you can get hold of the object the view is looking at. The object is called the referenced document, for example if it is a part:



Getting the referenced document can be useful for getting retrieveable dimensions.


Here is an example code fragment (with no error checking):


   // Now find out the part which this is a view of...

   CComPtr<DocumentDescriptor> pDocDesc  ;

   pThisView->get_ReferencedDocumentDescriptor (&pDocDesc) ;


   // Still finding out the part which this is a view of...

   CComPtr<Document> pReffedDoc  ;

   pDocDesc->get_ReferencedDocument ((IDispatch**)&pReffedDoc) ;


   if (kPartDocumentObject != pReffedDoc->DocumentType) {

       WalertBoxW (L"The referenced document is not a part") ;

       return ;



   // Convert the general referenced doc into a part doc...

   CComQIPtr<PartDocument> pPartDoc = pReffedDoc ;


So pPartDoc is the document which the view refers to.







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