Sketches in an Inventor Part

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This diagram shows you how sketches are contained inside a part:





They are inside a list which is itself inside a component definition. Programatically here is how to get a sketch by name:


   // Get the component definition inside the PartDoc...

   CComPtr<PartComponentDefinition> pPartCompDef;

   hRes = pPartDoc->get_ComponentDefinition(&pPartCompDef);


   // Get the sketch in the part by name...

   CComPtr<PlanarSketch> pSketch = NULL;

   hRes = pPartCompDef->Sketches->get_Item(CComVariant(L"MAIN_TUBE_CIRCS"), &pSketch);

   if (FAILED(hRes)) {

       ShowCOMError (hRes,L"AddSolid but could not 'get' sketch\n");

       return (false) ;



You can get hold of sketches by index (starting from #1)


   CComPtr<PlanarSketch> pSketch ;

   // Get the first sketch in the part

   hRes = pPartCompDef->Sketches->get_Item(CComVariant(1), &pSketch);


Of course both these sketch getting methods require that the named sketch you are looking for, or the index, are present in the Sketches list of the Inventor Part.



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