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VARIANT_BOOL is a type currently defined as a short:


/* 0 == FALSE, -1 == TRUE */

typedef short VARIANT_BOOL;





Here is an example


   if (VARIANT_TRUE == pCompOcc->ReferencedDocumentDescriptor->ReferenceMissing) {

       // Maybe a missing and skipped component...

       continue ;



Here is an example:


  VARIANT_BOOL bSuppressed = pFeaturePatternElement->GetSuppressed () ;


  TRACE (L"Element %d suppressed = %d\n",iElem,bSuppressed) ;


In this case bSuppressed will show either -1 (true) or 0 (false).


You can use the predefined macros VARIANT_TRUE and VARIANT_FALSE as values.


Since VARIANT_FALSE is 0 you can use them in ifs like this:


if (p->InventorFunction()) { something...




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