WorkPlane orientation in C#

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Here is some code which gets the a named WorkPlane in a part:



           string sEndPlateFullFileName = GetPartFullFileName(sEndPlateCode);

           PartComponentDefinition PartDef = null;

           PartDocument EndPlateDoc = CInvHelp.OpenPart(sEndPlateFullFileName, out PartDef);


           WorkPlane EndPlatePlane = PartDef.WorkPlanes["EndPlatePlane"];


           // Point WPOrigin = null ;

           UnitVector XAxis = null;

           UnitVector YAxis = null;


           EndPlatePlane.GetPosition(out _, out XAxis, out YAxis);



           string sXaxis = string.Format("XAxis {0:0.0}  {1:0.0}  {2:0.0}", XAxis.X, XAxis.Y, XAxis.Z);



           string sYaxis = string.Format("YAxis {0:0.0}  {1:0.0}  {2:0.0}", YAxis.X, YAxis.Y, YAxis.Z);




And here are two examples of what those two vectors mean:







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